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Cumulus is a digital asset management (DAM) system IODP uses to archive and catalog digital files. The files are broken into four catalogs (see Catalog Description below). After logging in, you can search files with the search field or filter function (circle with a cross) located in the upper left corner of the page. User Guides for Cumulus are available in the TechDoc catalog in the Cumulus User Guides category or by clicking on the Help link at the bottom of the page after logging in.

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Shore Sites Interface
Guests have access to four catalogs from shore: TechDoc, PR Images, Thin Sections and Legacy.

Ship Sites Interface
Only the TechDoc catalog is available. Shipboard participants may access the four catalogs once they return to shore by browsing to

Catalog Description
TechDoc contains technical documentation (e.g., User Guides, Quick Start Guides, certificates, and non-instrument documents).
PR Images catalog contains high-resolution photographs (organized by expedition) that have been published on the IODP web site. The photographs begin with the Singapore shipyard in 2008. Some DSDP and ODP photos are also available.
Thin Section catalog contains images of Gulf Coast Repository thin sections for DSDP, ODP, and IODP in plane and polarized light.
Legacy catalog contains ODP/IODP documents (PR materials, School of Rock, panel and committee meeting minutes, site summaries, white papers, photos, etc.) as well as some DSDP documents.

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