Searchable IODP JRSO Photo/Data Portal

Searchable IODP JRSO Photo/Data Portal
Amundsen Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History, Expedition 379, 18 January - 20 March 2019; credit Phil Christie & IODP
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JRSO Portal offers a unique perspective of IODP

IODP JRSO Portal is a unique collection of expedition photos, technical documents, whole thin-section images, scientific rock and sediment photos, educational activities on the JOIDES Resolution drillship, and scientific expedition history available in the public domain.

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JRSO Portal User Guide provides guidance on using this resource.
Keywords and Search for PR Images provides the keywords applied to the PR Images catalog and tips on how to maximize the search terms.
TechDoc Keywords provides a list of keywords applied to the TechDoc catalog as well as search tips.

Onshore portal interface

Registered users and guests have access to four searchable catalogs (listed below).

Offshore portal interface

Shipboard participants have access to the TechDoc catalog. Access to the four catalogs listed below is available upon returning to shore at

Searchable catalogs

Guests have access to over 62,000 photos and documents in four catalogs: TechDoc, PR Images, Thin Sections, and Legacy.

PR Images

High-resolution Friends & Family photographs (organized by expedition and subject matter) published on the IODP JRSO website as well as videos and edited photos not published on this website. Most photographs are from IODP expeditions. Additional photos show the ship refurbishment at Singapore; shore and educational/outreach activities; School of Rock sessions; wildlife; two photos of the DSDP ship, Glomar Challenger; videos; and a few ODP photos.

Thin Sections

High-resolution scans of Gulf Coast Repository thin sections for IODP JRSO, IODP USIO, ODP, and DSDP programs in plane and polarized light.


Technical documentation such as Tool Sheets, User Guides, Quick Start Guides, certificates, and non-instrument documents.


Documents for all four programs (IODP USIO, IODP JRSO, DSDP, and ODP) including public relations materials, School of Rock photos and articles, educational materials, panel and committee meeting minutes, site summaries, white papers, reports, a few photos, journal and newspaper articles, and much more.

The content of this website is based upon work supported by the IODP JRSO, which is a major facility fully funded by the National Science Foundation.